Today CU CHEMIE UETIKON started production with a new 250 l reactor in the kilo-scale lab. The new reactor closes the gap to the minimum reactor capacity of 800 l in the regular production facilities.

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Seven new employees have started their apprenticeship with CU CHEMIE UETIKON. The company is a highly recognized employer to start a career as chemical operator, chemical laboratory worker, electronic technician and industrial business management assistant.

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We are happy to welcome our new colleague Dr. Stefan Weck. After his academic education at the universities of Hamburg and Mainz, which he successfully completed with a Ph.D. magna cum laude, ....

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Current Job offers at Cu Chemie Uetikon

We are regularily searching for motived and well trained individuals which are interested to work for a first class producer of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The following skills are mandatory: Fluent in German and English language, a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology or chemical engineering. Professional experience of minimum 3 years in the industry would be an advantage.

We also inform you about the possibilities for apprenticeships and internships at CU CHEMIE UETIKON to start a career in a growth industry.


As a manufacturer with an excellent reputation for the production of Amino Acid Buildings Blocks (AABB), Fine Chemical Intermediates (FCI) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), CU CHEMIE UETIKON offers a wide range of products, covering almost the entire organic chemistry.