Environmental Protection

The protection of the environment is an important part of the philosophy of CU CHEMIE UETIKON. We minimize the effects on the environment by carefully designing processes at the laboratory stage and will not carry out processes that would have a high environmental impact.

Preventive Environmental Protection

  • Minimal use or replacement of halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Minimization of waste water and waste gas streams already during product development
  • Process-specific recycling of solvents
  • Rejection of production processes with a high impact on environment and safety

Protection of the Hydrosphere

  • Continuous neutralisation of the slightly polluted waste water before discharging¬† to the municipal sewage plant.
  • Chemical pre-treatment of the biologically degradable waste water with subsequent anaerobic treatment according to a proprietary process at the municipal sewage plant.
  • Heavily polluted waste water, treated by incineration (off-site)

Protection of the Atmosphere

  • Applying four separate gas treatment systems
    • Acidic off-gas
    • Basic off-gas
    • Off-gas from the release of the autoclaves
    • Exhaust air from the production buildings
  • Further waste gas treatment in a thermal oxidiser