Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

CU CHEMIE UETIKON is a full service provider supporting your whole development process from first small amounts to launch of the final drug.

We deliver:

  • cGMP operated and FDA inspected development and production sites
  • state-of-the-art production equipment, covering a broad range of volumes from 25 to 6,300 l reaction vessels
  • highest standards in analytical and regulatory services (elaboration of DMFs)
  • special expertise in pressure reactions, Grignard reactions, protected amino acids,  hydrogenations and organic building blocks

Our designated project managers should be viewed as an extension of your company. Their education and experience in project management allows a reduced business risk and an unmatched economic advantage on your side.


How we proceed

Our Custom Synthesis offers a broad range of services. The key for success is speed and a stringent project management.

The management of your project includes an open line of communication between the development lab and you, under  with consulting of specialists if necessary. Continuous updating of the project status is self-evident. In accordance with your wishes, telephone conferences andor face-to-face meetings regularly taking place.

We help our customers to be successful.

For your enquiries we calculate the following response times