Technology and Equipment


Reliability, speed and experience are the key factors for a successful introduction of a new chemical entity (NCE) or API to the market. CU CHEMIE UETIKON owns one of the most  modern pharmaceutical production plants. With our technology portfolio and extensive experience in custom syntheses, we are fully committed to our customers' projects.

As technology becomes more essential, we continuously invest in our facilities and equipment.

We currently offer:

  • wide range of chemical processes and a broad technology matrix
  • state-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • well edjucated and trained personnel
  • full analytical and regulatory support during the entire development and production process

The following pages provide more details about the current production equipment, the performed reactions, special technologies and our contribution to a clean environment.



  • Reaction vessels: 25 l to 6,300 l
  • Pressure range: 10 mbar to 100 bar
  • Temperature range: -80 °C to +250 °C
  • Total Reactor Volume: 100,000 l
  • Rectifying Columns
  • Peeler Centrifuges and Inverting Filter Centrifuge, Basket Centrifuge
  • Vacuum and Multi-layer Pressure Filters, Modul Filters
  • Rotary Vacuum Paddle dryers, Agitated Pressure Nutsches, Tray Dryers
  • Mills, Sieves
  • Vaccum Equipment
  • Processing plant for water, waste water, and off-gas
  • Warehouses for Dangerous Goods

Our equipment allows us to develop processes from lab-scale through pilot plant to full commercial scale.

Standard Equipment

  • Reactors (Glass/Glass-Lined/Stainless steel/Alloy)
  • Columns 1 - 1.5 m and Condensers (Stainless steel/Glass/Graphite/Alloy/Siliciumcarbide)
  • Operation with total or partial reflux possible
  • Dosing Unit for Liquids and Solids
  • Distillation Equipments
  • Centrifuges (Stainless Steel/Alloy)
  • Dryers (Stainless Steel/Alloy)
  • Local and Central Treatment for Basic and Acidic Off-gases (thermal oxidizer at 1,000 °C)