New : Vitamin E-TPGS

New at Uetikon, Vitamine E TPGS, (D alpha tocopheryl Polytethylene Glycol 1000 Succinate), has been invented by EASTMANN in the 50th and has been continouly produced for more than 40 years. It is use in more than 100 commercial and under developpent formulations worldwide.

Vitamin E-TPGS produced in the GMP – FDA audited facility of UETIKON, based in Lahr (Germany), is a surfactant which can be used as an emusifier, drug solubiliser, absorption enhancer and as a vehicule for lipid based drug delivery formulations.
The pharmaceutical companies first used Vitamin E-TPGS in ORAL dosage forms but new delivery applications have been developped as:

  • Parental delivery,
  • Topical Delivery : Derma, Nasal, Pulmonary.

You can now get your TPGS from a validated process of a reliable German supplier, meeting the most stringen needs of the pharmaceutical and the Nutraceutical Industry. Our capacity of is multi 10th of tons/year.

Think UETIKON Vitamine E TPGS to enhance the bioavalability of the pourly watersoluble drugs.

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